Drinking and Weight Loss

Drinking in the clubs with the cougars can be a tricky thing when you are also trying to stay trim and fit. One thing we know all too well from experience is that drinking has an adverse effect on our waist line.

So what does this mean? Do we need to reject all those drinks from the lovely cougars? Absolutely not.

Here’s a great article to keep you going on your nights out as well as on your fitness regimen.

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Suit Up! How To Wear It to Bare It

Barney Stinson did it and said it best: Suit Up!

There’s nothing more distinctive and appealing to a woman then a man wearing a nice, form fitted suit. But more often than not, our suits have a tattered and rumpled look to them which makes it seem like we just crawled out of our cubicle rather than marched into the Board Room triumphantly.

Now, what cougar in her right mind wants to spend time with the guy who just crawled out of a cubicle? Yeah, that’s right…none. So even if you are stuck in that cubicle all day long, we have some great advice on how to wear that suit like your marching out of the board room instead.

So take a look at our article today, and remember that the cougars are getting ready to play. So will they be playing with your tie tonight? Perhaps…if you suit up like Barney Stinson and learn how to rock that suit fashion…the cougars will be pawing at you again and again.

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Monica Turns 50…

…and keeps turning heads. Check out Monica Bellucci, this lovely cougar who keeps getting stunning as the years go by. She’s 50 and has never looked better than this.

Take a look at her stunning photo.

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A Little Nip ‘n’ Tuck

What do you think of plastic surgery on your cougar? This can be a very sensitive discussion, but it’s one worth you thinking through for yourself before engaging in it. Take a look at this article that speaks to cougars about what young pups think to get an idea of the discussion.

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