Taking Care of that Skin

Are you taking care of your skin and complexion? This is one of the first things a nice cougar looks for…a man who knows how to take care of himself on a daily basis.

Take the time to invest in a bit of cream for the face and eyes. It will do wonders for you.

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Vacation is Right Around the Corner: Where to Spot Cougars

Are you getting ready for a vacation soon? Are you wondering if this is going to interfere or put a damper on your cougar game? Well, you needn’t be…because vacation can be one of the best times to have a little fun with a cougar.

How so? Cougars love to hook up with young pups during the vacation months. There are no strings attached, they are in an exotic location and there is much fun to be had. What could be better? Well, we can’t really think of anything.

So, what can you do to make all of this potential come true? Well, for one thing, check out the best places to meet a cougar while on vacation.

We’re not just talking bars or beaches…we are talking locations. Where do the cougars like to vacay? You might be surprised by some of the answers in today’s article, but read it with an eye to see what the potential is.

Strike up a vacation to one of these spots on the list and you will be just fine with maintaining your game and possibly even taking it to the very next level.

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Casting Couch: Reality Show on Cougars is Calling

A new reality show on cougars and their lives is currently casting in the U.S. If you are a pup, or a cougar, and you are looking for or are currently in a relationship, you may want to check out this new reality series that will be starting soon. Who knows, maybe this is the exposure that will change your life.

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GQ’s Guide to Online Dating

If you’re looking for some helpful tips and insight into dating, then look no further than GQ’s guide to online dating. It gives you some great advice and tips to get the most out of today’s number one way to meet women and enjoy a relationship.

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