Sugar Mama Cougars



If you’ve been in the cougar dating world and scene for some time, you may have come across friends as well as cougars themselves who are the classic sugar mama.

What’s a sugar mama? A sugar mama is a self-sustaining cougar who has no problems with money, nor any issues buying her pup things, nor any issue paying for all and every meal.

May sound like a good idea, right? Well, you need to hold on there for a second, because if you are going to get involved with a sugar mama there are a few things you might want to be aware of.

First off, you are playing by her rules. When she’s paying for everything and taking care of you, there’s little say you are going to have in the matter. You are not on equal terms. She’s definitely the type of person who knows what she wants, how she wants it, and how to get it. And she’s not used to having people say no to her.

So when you engage with a cougar like that, you are essentially entering into her world and playing by her rules.

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Changing Seasons, Changing Wardrobe

The sun is out, the evenings are light, the seasons are changing. Along with those vibrant sunsets come vibrant color choices for your wardrobe. Learn to change your wardrobe up with the seasons and be even more stylish tonight.

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Control That Appetite

Staying fit in the dating world can be a bit of a concern, especially when we have such a hard time controlling our appetites. The eye sees and the eye wants. Learn how to get a better handle on that appetite with a bit of portion control that doesn’t use a scale and teaches you how to eye things appropriately. This will definitely help with that waistline.

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Those Pearly Whites



Who doesn’t love a great smile? It’s one of the first things we see when people walk through the door. You flash those pearly whites and people take notice.

But what happens when you flash that smile and the coffee, cigarettes and Italian food you regularly and consistently eat shows a dull smile?

It doesn’t matter what continent you live on, a nice smile is always appreciated. But we have so many things that we eat and ingest and smoke on a daily basis that will corrode our teeth.

So what can we do? Well, the one thing we can do is whiten our teeth. Teeth whitening has been around for a while and it has a proven track record. There are a lot of dentists who actually specialize in the practice these days and have pretty much perfected it.

However, teeth whitening with a dentist can be a bit of a pricey issue. So are there any home options for people who are on a budget? For sure…there are many over the counter products you can get that will help you in your quest for a brighter smile.

In addition, you may want to try a few homeopathic remedies, as well.

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